December 09, 2007

Goodbye Furry Friend

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Tasha today. She lived great 13 years but now she is romping around in doggie heaven.

Here are some special pictures:

To honor her memory, here is a list of special memories in no particular order:

  • Tasha participated at vacation bible school, playing herself as a snowdog for Arctic Edge (We consider her a Saved Christian Dog!)

  • Tasha liked to walk on recycle day and liked to sniff the glass bottles in the recycle bins, her favorite being scotch! (She was known to drink directly from Abby's glass when no one was looking)

  • While living in New Jersey, Tasha learned to open the door from the kitchen to the basement stairwell. This was a good skill to have if you were planning on stealing chicken bones from the garbage.

  • Also in the NJ home, Tasha would remove the drain from the bathroom sink to get to the toothpaste

  • Tasha took a swim in Sesquicentennial Park (her one and only) and was one smelly wet hairy Husky!

  • After moving to SC, Tasha's favorite spot to keep cool was lying in the bathtub

  • Tasha once chewed through the in-laws' luggage to get to their mints

  • Tasha once consumed a Christmas present, wrapping and all, of chocolate covered pecans (Oh, was that fun!)

  • When I was pregnant Tasha and I would swim together in a kiddie pool

  • Tasha loved to play soccer with her purple ball

  • Tasha loved to play in the snow and dig her nose in it where she could be a true snow dog

  • Tasha's favorite toy was a puppy from Big Dogs that had just the right amount of soft latex and squeak and she carried it around as if it was her baby

  • When Marissa was a baby, Tasha would steal Marissa's teethers and Marissa would play with Tasha's toys

  • Tasha would never snatch chicken or coldcuts from your hand but would always snatch tissues and toilet paper

  • In typical husky behavior, Tasha would "woo, woo"

  • If you made Tasha unhappy, she would look at you and bite at the air as if to tell you off

  • Tasha had great furry cheeks which we called her "fuzzies"

  • Tasha was soooo smart that she failed dog obedience school. Everyweek during homework, she would refuse to do one task and during the final exam, she laid down and refused to follow one command

  • When we moved to South Carolina, Tasha actually backed away from a Palmetto bug

  • Tasha loved walks and especially liked to romp over pompous grass and let it rub her belly

  • When we got Snowball and we walked the two dogs together, Tasha peed on Snowy's head

  • Everyone would always ask, Is that a wolf?

  • Tasha would sleep under our bed (I refuse to look at the poodle sized hair bunnies)

  • When you told Tasha to "scootch" a ball, she would nudge it with her snout at you to play ball

  • Over the years, Tasha has been dressed in various costumes including "Princess Tasha" and "Devil Tasha"

  • Tasha would drink "tea" from the teacups at Marissa's tea parties

  • Tasha loved to go for car rides and hikes and when she was happy she looked like one of the doggies on the dashboards with the bobbing heads

Goodbye furry child. Let us meet again in Heaven. I'll bring the scotch and frosty paws! Miss ya.

December 04, 2007

I "Officially" Give Up!

I have finally chosen to surrender. The white flag is not only up but is waving brightly. The dogs have WON! They officially run the house now.

Picture this....

Last two weeks - 13 year old husky, Tasha, is acting as if she is on death's door (not kidding, blood and everything!) This week, she has decided to compete with Snowball in mischief including trying to steal Marissa's breakfast.

The Latest ....

Upon exiting the bathroom today, I came upon Tasha chewing up our daughter's school calendar while Snowball is chewing the pen we use to write on it. Both items were on the fridge last time I noticed.
Snowball has left black ink pawprints all over the living room and kitchen and there are black marks on fireplace wall and kitchen wall. Her paws are BLACK. After I promptly put her in her crate, she has "stamped" her pawprints all over the bottom of the crate (which doesn't belong to us!)

Our house is nuts and it's gone to the dogs!