December 03, 2009

Shopping Bargain

I rocked it out today at the local thrift store. I found a bag of littlest pet shop animals (87 to be exact) for $4.00.  Each of these little guys is usually $4.00 each!  Some of them even came with hats, scarves, booties, hair bows, bibs, etc.

So far Marissa and Micayla have been playing with them for an fun! 

To quote Andrea:  "They have cute-ability."

December 02, 2009

Blog Worthy!

OK, my friend Linette said this was blog-worthy.

Since Marissa has been testing boundaries lately, I've been keeping everyone informed on our parental (lack of) control.

About two weeks ago, we went to Publix and she was acting out in the grocery store. I immediately went to check out. On the way home, she was screaming and kicking my chair. What is a Mom to do?

I immediately drove to the police station. I informed the officer that I had an eight year old who was having issues with respect and automobile safety. He had a little conversation with her that produced tears followed up by a sheriff badge sticker. Apparently I am not the only Mom to have done this.

By the way, she's been much better this last week.

Enough said.