May 05, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am Thankful to God for bringing friends into our lives...New friends, old friends, each person brings something for a bigger purpose.

May 04, 2011

Happy Thoughts

Each day I ask Marissa, "What is the Best Part of Your Day?"  Since I've been too busy to blog, I thought I'd create a list with some Happy Thoughts!

Wednesday, May 4th: 
  • Finding a Chuck E. Cheese coin while making change for an elderly customer!

What's the BEST part of your day?

January 12, 2010

Purse Love

OK, Just wanted to share...My new purse.  So cute...$80.00 purse...marked 80% off...Used Gift Card for Christmas Gift...Purse Love...

January 05, 2010

These are my Corelle "Morning Blue" dishes.  My Mom bought me dishes when I was still in high school for when I moved out.  When I moved out, I took them.  Over the years I added a few pieces.  I love Corelle because for the most part, it doesn't break and it is lightweight and space saving.

A few weeks ago, I saw some of these dishes at a consignment store and they were cheap.  I didn't get them because I thought I'd get new dishes at some point soon.  A couple days later I regretted not getting them and now they're sold. 

So, what does a girl do?  Goes on Ebay to look for said dishes and finds out they're "vintage" (a/k/a old) and now hard to find and more than I want to pay on Ebay.  Ugh!!!! 

If anyone sees these dinner plates (cheap), please pick them up for me!

December 03, 2009

Shopping Bargain

I rocked it out today at the local thrift store. I found a bag of littlest pet shop animals (87 to be exact) for $4.00.  Each of these little guys is usually $4.00 each!  Some of them even came with hats, scarves, booties, hair bows, bibs, etc.

So far Marissa and Micayla have been playing with them for an fun! 

To quote Andrea:  "They have cute-ability."

December 02, 2009

Blog Worthy!

OK, my friend Linette said this was blog-worthy.

Since Marissa has been testing boundaries lately, I've been keeping everyone informed on our parental (lack of) control.

About two weeks ago, we went to Publix and she was acting out in the grocery store. I immediately went to check out. On the way home, she was screaming and kicking my chair. What is a Mom to do?

I immediately drove to the police station. I informed the officer that I had an eight year old who was having issues with respect and automobile safety. He had a little conversation with her that produced tears followed up by a sheriff badge sticker. Apparently I am not the only Mom to have done this.

By the way, she's been much better this last week.

Enough said.

November 28, 2009

My New Business

I wanted to share some news with you about my new business with Uppercase Living. As most of you know, I have been a stay-at-home mom for quite some time. I really miss getting out, meeting new people and using the creativity and passion God has given me. I am very excited about this new opportunity because the products "wow" me and are very cost effective.

Uppercase Living has expressions for every occasion and you can even create custom designs. Some inexpensive ideas include coasters, monograms, wall expressions, auto embellishments, and even chalk wall items.

Check it out!