February 11, 2008

WUWU (What's Up With Us)

Since I am too lazy to send out Christmas cards, here is our official WUWU (What's Up With Us)....

Lou has become a sailor. I am very proud of all the innovative ideas he put into place and how much he has learned so far. Kudos to his friend David for teaching him to sail "the Lou way!"

Marissa is 6 (and a half!)

Marissa is doing great in school, loves reading, has tons of energy and an awesome personality. She is still into gymnastics and continues to love life.

Lou and Marissa continue to enjoy camping and daddy/daughter time.

Snowball had matured and has reduced her intake of our house a little....

Margaret is still teaching scrapbooking and working part-time. See my weight loss journey below...

My Weight Loss Journey

I have struggled with weight most of my life. After research, prayer, insurance battles, doctors, tests and more tests, I have had lap band surgery. Since surgery on December 18, 2007, I have lost 28 pounds. More importantly, I am off of 4 diabetic medications. My family has joined the YMCA and my goal is to keep trying new things. So far I have tried yoga, water aerobics, four different cardio machines and have used the indoor pool to swim laps (yes, really!) and the indoor track for walking. Lou and Marissa also LOVE going there. If they would allow the dog, we could move in. I have been having fun shopping at thrift stores buying different size clothes and trying them on daily.

Thanks for all my friends and family for their support. Thanks to Lou and Marissa for putting up with my mood swings as I learn to manage food and emotional eating issues. Thanks to the wonderful doctors, nutritionist, psychologist, support group and God for helping me with this journey.

I will try to post monthly pictures.